Use Firefox as internal browser

Update: it does not work with MyInfo 6 or newer, because Mozilla Control is no longer updated and is way behind modern browsers in terms of security and web standards support.

MyInfo internal web browser is a useful feature, which allows you to browse web addresses stored in MyInfo, without leaving the application. By default it uses Microsoft Internet Explorer engine to show web pages.

Many people prefer Mozilla Firefox as their default browser, so since version 3 of MyInfo, we offer an option to use the same engine that Firefox utilizes to show web pages: Mozilla Gecko.

Because this the distribution of this engine is not supported officially by the Mozilla Development Group, this is an experimental feature of MyInfo. It is not documented in the official help files and we offer no technical support for it.

If you love Firefox however, it is easy to set it up in MyInfo. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Download Mozilla Control Installer from our web site and install it.
  2. If you are not experienced working with Windows Registry, make a backup first.
  3. Run Windows Registry (you can do that by clicking Run command in the Start menu, typing “regedit” and clicking OK).
  4. Go to the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Milenix\MyInfo\3\Options” registry key.
  5. Create a new DWORD Value with name “ShowMozillaOption” and value 1.
  6. Close Windows Registry and restart MyInfo.
  7. On the Tools menu, click Options and go to the Advanced tab.
  8. Check the newly available Use Mozilla As Internal Browser (experimental) option.

Now when you open web document, MyInfo will use the Mozilla Firefox engine instead of the Internet Explorer engine!

Please note that you need to install the Mozilla Control even if you have Firefox installed, because it is a separate software. It does not interfere with your current Firefox installation.

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