Small update (MyInfo 6.05)

This is a minor update, which adds a couple of new features and improvements, and fixes a number of issues found in the previous release. We strongly recommend upgrading to this version.

Here is what was changed in this release:

  • Improved: you can search text backwards (up from the caret position)
  • Improved: Send to MyInfo addon for Internet Explorer now supports texts in any language
  • Improved: exporting to RTF file now preserves OLE objects in the document texts
  • Improved: hoist now works while in the filter pane
  • Improved: added hoist to the tree editor context menu
  • Improved: added option to export state images on web site export
  • Improved: links to other topics are now preserved on web site export (provided both web sites folders have common parent folder on the server and use the site names, suggested by MyInfo on export)
  • Improved: MyInfo now automatically scrolls to the first found string in the found document
  • Fixed: fixed copy hyperlink and remove hyperlink when working with tables
  • Fixed: fixed a problem with editing and resizing OLE objects
  • Fixed: fixed a problem where plain text dragged to the tree was not retained
  • Fixed: Ms Word outlines are now indexed on import
  • Fixed: fixed a rare problem where main menu could disappear
  • Fixed: calendar pane links to dates with specified date work now
  • Fixed: fixed state images context menu positioning
  • Fixed: fixed a problem where embedded file created and modified dates were not loaded properly
  • Fixed: fixed error messages when using non-standard date/time formats in Windows Regional Settings
  • Fixed: all search terms available in the text are now highlighted when clicking on a document in search results
  • Changed: links in the tree now open with mouse double click instead with Ctrl + click

If you already own MyInfo 6.x, the upgrade to version 6.04 is free – you will receive update instructions on your email.
If you haven’t bought MyInfo yet, the newest version gives you good reasons to do so. Why not download the trial version right now?

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