Small update (MyInfo 6.04)

This is a minor update, which adds a couple of new features and improvements, and fixes a number of issues found in the previous release. We strongly recommend upgrading to this version.

Here is what was changed in this release:

  • Improved: clicking on document loads it much faster now (up to 200% in some cases)
  • Improved: added shortcut for displaying search options popup menu (Shift+Ctrl+Y)
  • Improved: MyInfo now uses the measurement system for text editor ruler as in your Regional Settings
  • Fixed: links to files are now converted to URLs upon HTML export
  • Fixed: a problem where bulleted lists indentation was to narrow when exporting to HTML
  • Fixed: export to a web site sets again the first document in the topic as a start page for the exported site
  • Fixed: a problem where paragraph links were converted to regular document links on hyperlink edit
  • Fixed: a problem when creating blank/outline topic via File Template dialog
  • Fixed: a problem where filtering by state image index did not work
  • Fixed: display of Priority and Sensitivity attributes in the Edit Filter dialog
  • Fixed: a problem with line spacing in Paragraph dialog
  • Fixed: a problem where hyperlinks were not imported from Ms Word outlines
  • Fixed: a problem where selecting color didn’t work, if clicking on the aready selected color
  • Fixed: current search result is now highlighted in the search results list
  • Fixed: a problem where RTF texts were not imported correctly from TreePad
  • Fixed: a problem where Parent category searches did not work in Filter view
  • Fixed: a problem where additional dialogs were shown if wrong password was entered when opening protected topic
  • Fixed: a problem where MyInfo 2.x files could not be imported
  • Fixed: a problem, where searching in document texts in filter returned always all documents
  • Fixed: filtering by category attributes now works
  • Fixed: a rare exception when printing
  • Fixed: pressing left/right arrows on keyboard for collapsing/expanding documents no longer changes the selected attribute
  • Fixed: a rare “Error creating temp name” problem
  • Fixed: a problem where pressing R in the web browser toggles the text editor ruler
  • Fixed: a problem where MyInfo was not restored, if minimized, when going to reminder from the Reminder window
  • Fixed: filters containing state image conditions now work properly
  • Fixed: a problem where you could not insert reminder if search pane is active
  • Fixed: AV when editing percent completed attribute
  • Fixed: a problem where CSV import does not work on some computers
  • Fixed: currently focused document has now more prominent highlight color when tree is inactive
  • Changed: incremental search works with the document title attribute only (as in older versions)
  • Changed: MyInfo now shows weeks in calendar according to the ISO standard
  • Changed: Open button is now default in the Reminders dialog

If you already own MyInfo 6.x, the upgrade to version 6.04 is free – you will receive update instructions on your email.
If you haven’t bought MyInfo yet, the newest version gives you good reasons to do so. Why not download the trial version right now?

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