MyInfo 5.50 beta test

Just a quick reminder that MyInfo 5.50 is under way..

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  1. Question…

    Will it be possible for the User to change BOTH the background color and the text to ANY color User prefers in order to accommodate those of us with color processing disabilities? I process better with black background with bright blue (0000ff) text.

    I’m still using your original program (1.9 SR-8) back when it was Freeware.

    I’m on a 64-bit laptop. (It works fine on it.) I will consider a paid version in March, 2012 (when I’ll have extra $ again), if and only if I can change the colors to my preferences. However, I know that some people need extreme contrast of yellow with black. I’m leery of trying the trial version as I don’t want it interfering with the free version.
    Thanks! 😀

  2. Kyt, MyInfo uses your Windows appearance settings, so if they are set to use high contrast colors, it will use it. In addition, you can manually change the colors of the background and texts for the tree and the text editor via Tools > Options > Display.