MyInfo 4.10 released

We are pleased to announce that MyInfo 4.10 is now available as free download to all registered users of MyInfo! This release includes two new features and a handful of bug fixes and improvements.

Here is what was changed in this release:

  • New: you can now import CSV (comma-separated valu) files in MyInfo. This allows you to quickly import multiple new documents and their attributes.
  • New: Stronger (AES256) encryption [Professional edition only]
  • Improved: Auto Paste options now work with Quick Paste feature too
  • Improved: you can now select default filter, which will be shown the first time you open the Filter View
  • Improved: added shortcuts for selecting link type in the Hyperlink dialog Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3
  • Improved: added Shift+F6 to cycle between panes backwards
  • Improved: tab goes to the next attribute in the tree editor when editing
  • Improved: added Level attribute (shows the relative level of the document)
  • Fixed: Send To MyInfo now works on Windows Vista in IE7 Protected Mode
  • Fixed: problem with Japanese Windows when trying to edit document title
  • Fixed: the bug where documents were not indexed if imported from Files And Folder
  • Fixed: MyInfo now uses the proper fonts under Windows Vista
  • Fixed:the problem where keyboard customizations could be lost
  • Fixed: the problem with the context menu in Tags view when there are plently of tags
  • Fixed: attributes pane refreshes on creating new task
  • Fixed: fixed an error where hyperlinks were not exported properly in text files
  • Fixed: favorites reordering is now saved properly
  • Fixed: an error when trying to add document in Calendar view
  • Fixed: a problem when dropping OLE objects in the tree from other applications
  • Fixed: a problem with paste in the Edit Attributes pane
  • Fixed: fixed export plugin file dialog problem
  • Fixed: you can no longer use Capture Web Page features in read-only mode
  • Fixed: fixed Apply Value To Children and Copy Value to work with the appropriate attributes only
  • Fixed: fixed the 100% CPU problem (live spelling)

If you already own MyInfo 4.x, the upgrade to version 4.10 is free – you should receive download instructions on your email soon.If you haven’t bought MyInfo yet, the newest version gives you good reasons to do so. Why not download the trial version right now?

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  1. Cool. Thanks a bunch guys. Emails regarding MyInfo are like Christmas presents. 🙂

    Installed and all works fine.

  2. Nice release