MyInfo 4.02

We are pleased to announce that MyInfo 4.02 is now available! This release includes some new features and a handful of bug fixes and improvements.

Here is what was changed in this release:

  • New: export all topic documents to files on your computer (RTF files for the document texts, Internet shortcuts for the web page addresses and the actual embedded files)
  • New: specify default font and font size for all your topics in the Options dialog
  • Improved: MyInfo now remembers embedded file creation and last modified date
  • Improved: MyInfo now remembers tree column widths when you hit the Refresh button in Filter view
  • Improved: maximizing the tree or the text editor now activates them too
  • Improved: included diary/calendar/journal template for 2008
  • Fixed: the problem where Auto Paste could not be turned off
  • Fixed: MyInfo Portable now can capture whole web pages without problems
  • Fixed: a problem where favorite topics contained garbage characters in Organize Favorites dialog
  • Fixed: some errors that appeared after the PC returns from hibernate/logoff state
  • Fixed: an error that showed up when trying to click on a state icon in Filter view
  • Fixed: a problem with downloading images with non-lowercase file extensions (i.e. .JPG instead of .jpg)
  • Fixed: a problem where TreePad files with missing end of item indicators could not be imported
  • Fixed: it was possible to accidentally edit group nodes in filter mode
  • Fixed: the ‘Cannot focus disabled or invisible window’ error when trying to switch to the filter view via F6
  • Fixed: a problem with cloned documents when displaying grouped results in Filter view
  • Fixed: multi document lines now calculated more accurately the height of the fields, resulting in less clipped text
  • Fixed: last and next 7 days criteria now show results for today too
  • Fixed: rare invalid help file error in the text editor
  • Fixed: app now warns you if you try to open moved/deleted favorite
  • Fixed: a few problems with third-party export plugins
  • Fixed: overdue tasks now takes into account the time too
  • Changed: updated product license screen
  • Changed: Tree Column term to Attribute and Column Value term to Attribute Value term
  • Changed: tips now will have Don’t show again box checked by default

If you already own MyInfo 4.x, the upgrade to version 4.02 is free – you should receive download instructions on your email soon.

If you haven’t bought MyInfo yet, the newest version gives you good reasons to do so. Why not download the trial version right now?

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