MyInfo 4 private beta test sign-up

We are happy to announce that the first beta version of MyInfo 4 will soon be available for test. This is a private beta and as always, only customers of MyInfo 3 will be allowed to take part in the beta testing.

If you are a registered user of MyInfo 3 and would like to beta test MyInfo 4 private release, you need to do the following:

  1. Register user account on our forums, if you already don’t have one. All features and user comments about MyInfo 4 private beta should be posted in the hidden section of our forums.
  2. Send us a mail message at with your forums user name, so that we can give you access to the hidden section of the forums.

For all non-customers, please note that later in the summer, there will be public beta version too. Subscribe to our blog to stay informed about it’s release.

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  1. Petko, I’ve now licensed MyInfo based on your announcement & sent my forum user name & password to the address listed but have had no response & do not see any beta forums when I sign in as yet.

    Perhaps I’m not patient enough but don’t know for sure.

    Thank you.

    Jan Rifkinson
    Ridgefield, CT USA

  2. Jan, the beta version is ready and your user was added to the beta forums, so you should be able to download it and install it now!