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MyInfo 4 preview: spell checking

This was definitely one of your most requested new features for MyInfo. We have decided that MyInfo 4 is the right version for it.

MyInfo 4 will offer you full-featured spell-checking! Along with traditional spell-checking, MyInfo 4 will spell-check as you type (of course, if you don’t want this, you will be able to turn it off in the options).

MyInfo 4 spell-checking menu

As you see, you can words to the dictionary and what you could not see, is that the spell-checker learns from you. Each time you replace a misspelled word, the spell-checker takes a note and make better suggestions when you encounter a new misspelled word.

MyInfo 4 will ship with English dictionary (all variations of it: International, English, U.S., and Canada). We will offer dictionaries for all popular languages on our web site free for you to download.

We will continue with MyInfo 4 preview on Tuesday.

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