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MyInfo 4 preview: document attributes pane

MyInfo tree columns are a unique feature that sets apart MyInfo from its competitors. It is a powerful tool for adding meta data to your documents.

In MyInfo 4 tree columns will be more convenient to use, then ever before! The new version will feature the new Document Attributes pane, where you will have instant access to all tree columns (even the hidden one). Now you will need no longer to have all custom tree columns visible in the tree, if you use them for only a few documents in the topic, because you will be able to view and edit their values in the Document Attributes pane instead in the tree.

Document attributes pane

The new Document attributes pane will offer you a feature that was not possible in the MyInfo 3: now you will be able to set an attribute value for multiple selected documents, thus making the categorization of documents faster!

In conclusion, MyInfo 4 will offer the most powerful meta data capabilities, which aren’t available in any other PIM on the market! It will be the only PIM to offer both editable tree columns and document attributes in a attributes pane.

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