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MyInfo 4 preview: customize keyboard shortcuts

Let’s face it. Not everybody likes the current MyInfo shortcuts. Some people are used to other shortcuts for specific commands (like Shift+Ins for Paste) and others experience conflicts between MyInfo shortcuts and other application hotkeys. Because MyInfo has many commands and we have to assign almost each command a shortcut, some commands end up with really hard to use hotkey combinations.

That will change with MyInfo 4, because you will be able to select your own hotkeys for your favorite commands. There was a big demand for that feature on our forums, so we have heard our customers!

Keyboard Shortcuts dialog

As you can see in the screenshot above, customize shortcuts feature will be intelligent enough to not let you assign the same hotkey to more than one command and if you do not like the customizations you have made to your keyboard shortcuts, you will always be able to reset them back to their default settings.

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  1. Will I be able to set a shortcut for applying a style? For example, select a paragraph, hit Ctrl+1 and this sets its style as Heading 1.

  2. Yes, you will be able to set a shortcut for applying the default text styles.

    I also think that it will be possible for the custom text styles as well, but I am not how it will work exactly, because every topic has its own set of custom styles and the shortcuts are the same for all topics.