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MyInfo 4 preview: customizable icons

MyInfo state icons is a nifty little feature that helps people organize their documents in the tree editor. MyInfo 3 includes a handful of predefined state icons like flags, task icons and emoticons. MyInfo 4 will include over 40 new state icons and we will add probably more after we hear your feedback during the best test.

However, no matter how many new icons we add, there will be always some special cases that require unique icons, which are not available by default. That is why, in MyInfo 4 you will be able to add you own state icons!

To make state icon use more productive, you will be able to customize the state icons context menu and even select keyboard shortcuts for these state icons. This will make assigning state icons to documents faster than ever before!

If you think that MyInfo 3 misses some useful state icons, please tell us in the comments and we may add them in the new version.

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