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MyInfo 4 preview: formatting in the tree

The long awaited feature by all people who use MyInfo as an outliner or as a writing tool, will be in MyInfo 4!

You can see MyInfo 4 formatting in the tree in action.

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  1. Richard L Parker

    Looks great, even better when you get that mobile 5-6 version for arm, xsvcale pc poket phones, like a samsung i730 with mobile 5. Your version 4 makes them all out there look like child toys with glorified screens.

    I am sorry I had to sneak that in, maybe start a petition on the net (joking….maybe) I have Ewallet Pro, not bad, kas good id icons for subs and catagories, but you will at some stage…but its still better trhan snippets…another tool I use when I need a whole page…but with the newer tree and sub catagories you have done is totally awsome. I can imagine how I can keep my regs and serials, passwords and tons of other info in the 4 version,,,so how about sending me a beta…I want to test it on a SD card for my samsung i730 mobile 5 phone….How about it….thinking about it ….right!

  2. Richard, I will send you a beta test invitation when we are ready for the start of MyInfo 4 beta test.