Improved Send to MyInfo for Firefox

Send to MyInfo is a handy plugin for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox that speeds up collecting of information from the Web. However, the Firefox version has one significant limitation – it sends only plain text (no text formatting, no images).

Not anymore! We have just released a new version of Send To MyInfo for Firefox, which works exactly like the Internet Explorer plugin: preserving all text formatting and images.

The improved version was originally planned as a MyInfo 4 add-on only, however we have managed to make it work with both versions (3 & 4). This means that you can install it even if you are not a beta tester of MyInfo 4.

Firefox should automatically inform you that there is a new version of the add-on and offer you to update the version installed on your computer. If, for some reason, this fails, you can find the updated add-on in the MyInfo Plugins section on our web site.

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