Feature Preview: Improved Search

The upcoming MyInfo 4.30 brings some exiting search improvements to MyInfo.

Here, in a nutshell, is how the search was improved in MyInfo 4.30:

  • It is faster
  • It is more reliable
  • Integrates attributes
  • Supports texts in multiple languages
  • Has more powerful syntax

It is faster

MyInfo search was always fast when working with small files, but as the files grow larger, the search speed slowed down considerably. We have worked hard to overcome that limitation and we are proud of the results. In MyInfo 4.30 it doesn’t matter how large the file is, the search will be always fast!

The other bottleneck in pre-MyInfo 4.30 search was searching for phrases. We will not get into technical details here, because they are not interesting, but the fact is that in versions prior to MyInfo 4.30, searching for phrases was slow. No more! In the new version it doesn’t matter whether you search for keywords or phrases – again, the search will be always fast!

It is more reliable

The old search supported indexing of up to 4000 documents. This limit is now lifted and it can index as many documents as you have in the topic.

We have found some cases where the index was not always up to date in the older versions and fixed these issues in the new release.

In addition, if you search in all topics in MyInfo 4.25 and earlier, you have maybe noticed that MyInfo shows no summary text for the topics that are not currently open in MyInfo. This is no longer an issue – it doesn’t whether the topic is open or not, it will always show summary text, if you prefer so.

Integrates attributes

MyInfo indexes all text in the topics in the current versions too, but with MyInfo 4.30, you will be able to search in specific attributes as suggested on our feedback page. For example, if you use the GTD methodology for organizing your tasks, you can find all tasks that you have to do at home, by searching for:


Or searching for any text in your custom attributes:


Supports texts in multiple languages

In general, you should experience no problems when working with your native language. MyInfo indexes texts based on your Windows settings, so if you live in Japan, it will index non-western characters as Japanese. However, if you have documents in different languages, they will not be indexed correctly. We have fixed that in MyInfo 4.30, which offers real multi-language support for the search. Now you can mix for example documents in English, Chinese, Korean and Thai, and you will be able to search for any of these texts without any problems.

We have also improved the support for Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnam languages, so you will no longer need to put your search terms in asterisks. Previously, you had to search for these terms like this: *??*. Now you can just type ??.

Has more powerful syntax

By default, MyInfo search for all terms in the search query.

Here is a full list of supported search operators:

OR Find documents that match either of the subexpressions.
Searches only for documents that do not contain the term after the – sign.
(expression) Use brackets to create a subexpression.
term1 NEAR term2 Finds only documents that contain term1 within ten words of term2.
term1 ADJ term2 Finds only documents that contain term1 within ten words of term2, where term1 and term2 are in this exact order.
“phrase” Searches for a phrase.
field:text Allows you to search in specific field like document text, user attributes, document title and so on.
prefix* Searches for all terms that begin with this prefix.

Please refer to MyInfo 4.30 help system for more details on the new search syntax.

MyInfo 4.30 will be availble by the end of the next week (June 20, 2009).

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