Jun 07

MyInfo 4 preview: document attributes pane

MyInfo tree columns are a unique feature that sets apart MyInfo from its competitors. It is a powerful tool for adding meta data to your documents.

In MyInfo 4 tree columns will be more convenient to use, then ever before! The new version will feature the new Document Attributes pane, where you will have instant access to all tree columns (even the hidden one). Now you will need no longer to have all custom tree columns visible in the tree, if you use them for only a few documents in the topic, because you will be able to view and edit their values in the Document Attributes pane instead in the tree.

Document attributes pane

The new Document attributes pane will offer you a feature that was not possible in the MyInfo 3: now you will be able to set an attribute value for multiple selected documents, thus making the categorization of documents faster!

In conclusion, MyInfo 4 will offer the most powerful meta data capabilities, which aren’t available in any other PIM on the market! It will be the only PIM to offer both editable tree columns and document attributes in a attributes pane.

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Jun 07

MyInfo 4 preview: formatting in the tree

The long awaited feature by all people who use MyInfo as an outliner or as a writing tool, will be in MyInfo 4!

You can see MyInfo 4 formatting in the tree in action.

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May 07

MyInfo 4 preview: faster indexing

We have just finished the new MyInfo indexing feature. MyInfo 4 will feature much faster indexing (indexing allows you to get almost instant search results, when searching for text in your MyInfo files).

The tests show 500% to 2500% improvement and even more for larger files!

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May 07

MyInfo 4 preview: better Auto Paste

Auto Paste is a handy little feature, which allows you to collect information from other applications, even when MyInfo is minimized. In MyInfo 3 each time you copy information in an outside application, while Auto Paste is turned on, it was pasted in MyInfo as a new document in the tree.

This is useful, but sometimes, you have very short snippets of text that you want to paste in a single document and in this case, Auto Paste does not work as it should, because it pastes only as new document. We have extended this feature in MyInfo 4 and in this major new version, you can configure Auto Paste to paste the information in the currently active document, instead of pasting it as a new document.

MyInfo 4: auto paste

The separator option will help you keep the pasted snippets more organized.

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Apr 07

MyInfo 4 preview: customize keyboard shortcuts

Let’s face it. Not everybody likes the current MyInfo shortcuts. Some people are used to other shortcuts for specific commands (like Shift+Ins for Paste) and others experience conflicts between MyInfo shortcuts and other application hotkeys. Because MyInfo has many commands and we have to assign almost each command a shortcut, some commands end up with really hard to use hotkey combinations.

That will change with MyInfo 4, because you will be able to select your own hotkeys for your favorite commands. There was a big demand for that feature on our forums, so we have heard our customers!

Keyboard Shortcuts dialog

As you can see in the screenshot above, customize shortcuts feature will be intelligent enough to not let you assign the same hotkey to more than one command and if you do not like the customizations you have made to your keyboard shortcuts, you will always be able to reset them back to their default settings.

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Apr 07

MyInfo 4 preview: customizable icons

MyInfo state icons is a nifty little feature that helps people organize their documents in the tree editor. MyInfo 3 includes a handful of predefined state icons like flags, task icons and emoticons. MyInfo 4 will include over 40 new state icons and we will add probably more after we hear your feedback during the best test.

However, no matter how many new icons we add, there will be always some special cases that require unique icons, which are not available by default. That is why, in MyInfo 4 you will be able to add you own state icons!

To make state icon use more productive, you will be able to customize the state icons context menu and even select keyboard shortcuts for these state icons. This will make assigning state icons to documents faster than ever before!

If you think that MyInfo 3 misses some useful state icons, please tell us in the comments and we may add them in the new version.

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Apr 07

MyInfo 4 preview: spell checking

This was definitely one of your most requested new features for MyInfo. We have decided that MyInfo 4 is the right version for it.

MyInfo 4 will offer you full-featured spell-checking! Along with traditional spell-checking, MyInfo 4 will spell-check as you type (of course, if you don’t want this, you will be able to turn it off in the options).

MyInfo 4 spell-checking menu

As you see, you can words to the dictionary and what you could not see, is that the spell-checker learns from you. Each time you replace a misspelled word, the spell-checker takes a note and make better suggestions when you encounter a new misspelled word.

MyInfo 4 will ship with English dictionary (all variations of it: International, English, U.S., and Canada). We will offer dictionaries for all popular languages on our web site free for you to download.

We will continue with MyInfo 4 preview on Tuesday.

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Apr 07

MyInfo 4 preview

As you maybe already know, we have started the development of MyInfo 4. This new release of MyInfo will offer many new features, but most importantly, we will improve the existing features according to your feedback in our forums. In the next days, we will begin revealing the new features in MyInfo 4. You can see an accurate preview of what’s planned for MyInfo 4 on the MyInfo 4 Roadmap in our forums.

Initially, only the current customers of MyInfo 3.x will be allowed to beta test the new version. We will post details about MyInfo 4 beta test next week.

Tomorrow, we will post an article for the first new feature in MyInfo 4!

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