Apr 08

Plant a Tree, Watch it Grow in Google Earth


It’s a really cool way to combine ecology with technology:

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) offers you the opportunity to buy a tree which will be planted in a rainforest in Sebangau National Forest in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. In return, they not only plant the tree, but give you a Google Earth KML file in return with the location coordinates of your tree. Theoretically, as Google continues to update with higher resolution satellite and aerial imagery, you should be able to watch the growth of your tree (and the others who donate trees) over the coming years. To get started, you simply go to the web site mybabytree.org. They have a very cute animation that will guide you through the process, and you can use Paypal to make your donation. You can see the location and list of trees purchased so far here. Borneo is another location, like the Amazon, where rain forests are disappearing due to logging at a freightening pace. I hope WWF will extend the concept to the rapidly declining rain forests in the Amazon.

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Jan 08

FeedDemon and NewsGator are now free

NewsGator announced that they are making all their RSS readers free. I think that this an exciting news for everybody who loves reading blogs and other RSS feeds, like I do!

FeedDemon is by no comparison the best desktop RSS reader out there and Nick Bradbury announced that although FD is free now, they will not stop developing the product. I personally don’t use any desktop reader, but if you think that the desktop reader advantages are more important to you, then FeedDemon is the way to go. It is definitely one of the best crafted software titles on the Net.

The RSS reader I use, is the online version of NewsGator, which now offers all the features reserved for the paid editions in the past. For example there was a limit of one custom “Keyword Search” feed, now it’s gone! I prefer it to Google Reader, but they have to keep up with the smart new features Google are adding in their reader like shared feeds.

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