Aug 15

Small update (MyInfo 6.35)

This is an maintenance release, which fixes some problems found in the previous versions. It is also required by our updated Google Chrome extension, so we recommend installing this version.

Here is what was changed in this release:

  • Improved: option to install Send to MyInfo in Google Chrome, which is now compatible with Chrome 42 and newer
  • Improved: when you click on a search result, the number of found terms in the document is shown in the info box below the text editor
  • Fixed: changed go to previous/next search result default hotkeys to Shift+Ctrl+, and Shift+Ctrl+., because the previous clashed with another command hotkeys
  • Fixed: maximized state of the program window is retained, even if the program is closed while minimized
  • Fixed: fractional numbers like 5.20 and 6,30 are now highlighted on search
  • Fixed: renamed “Childs” to “Children” in status bar
  • Fixed: fixed Redo command caption

If you already own MyInfo 6.x, the upgrade to version 6.35 is free – you will receive update instructions on your email.If you haven’t bought MyInfo yet, the newest version gives you good reasons to do so. Why not download the trial version right now?

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