Sep 12

Small update MyInfo 6.10

MyInfo 6.10 is now available! This is an enhancement release, which includes quite a few improvements.


Tags now are separated by comma, instead of space character, so you can have multi-word tags like “John Smith”. MyInfo will also no longer store duplicate tags for the same document, they will be removed automatically now. Some tag-related features like Rename and Delete tag, as well as the Tags pane are improved too and are now much faster.

Easier management of plugins and dictionaries

You can now install/uninstall plugins and dictionaries directly from the Plugins dialog inside MyInfo (no need to restart). You can also enable/disable dictionaries without uninstalling them.

Insert document before/as first child

We have added shortcuts for inserting documents and tasks before the current one or as a first child of the current one. Just hold the Shift key in addition to the regular shortcut. For example, to insert a document before the current one, press Shift+Enter, instead of just Enter. You can find all new shortcuts in the help file.

Other improvements and changes

  • Improved: MyInfo is fully compatible with Windows 8 (both 32- and 64-bit editions)
  • Improved: added installing/uninstalling spelling dictionaries from within MyInfo
  • Improved: you can now select which spelling dictionaries to use without uninstalling/reinstalling them
  • Improved: added install/uninstall plugins feature
  • Improved: added Text Pane Selection option in Print dialog
  • Improved: combined Create Topic From Template and New Template Name dialogs
  • Improved: style and font lists on toolbar now show real text formatting preview
  • Improved: added Insert Document (before), Insert Task (before) and Insert Subdocument (first), and Insert Subtask (first) commands
  • Improved: tags now use comma as separator, so you can insert multi-word tags (e.g. “important meeting”)
  • Improved: MyInfo Portable now uses relative paths for file locations
  • Improved: added AutoPaste icon to MyInfo taskbar button in Windows 7 and higher
  • Improved: you can now choose which part of the topic to export (all documents, selected branches, selected documents, filtered documents)
  • Improved: added semicolon-separated values text file export (Ms Excel CSV)
  • Improved: CSV import now works with Unicode files
  • Improved: added support for Windows 7/8 jump lists
  • Improved: Import and Export dialogs now show icons for the import/export plugin
  • Improved: indexing of large topics is now much faster (almost twice as fast)
  • Improved: renaming and deleting tags from Tags pane is now *muchChanged: faster
  • Improved: Windows 7 and higher now shows long operations progress on MyInfo taskbar icon
  • Improved: revamped tags pane
  • Fixed: Send to MyInfo (Attachment) now works properly with urls in subdirectories on the server
  • Fixed: fixed a problem where topic didn’t get smaller when documents were deleted
  • Fixed: fixed some problems with pasting Unicode documents in the tree
  • Fixed: fixed a problem where Reminder At values were not exported
  • Fixed: fixed a problem where topic was not marked as changed after successful Replace All command in Find & Replace dialog
  • Fixed: fixed a problem where wrong dates were exported if no dates were set in MyInfo
  • Fixed: fixed a problem with pasting in comment/tags editor
  • Fixed: fixed a rare problem with pasting from Outlook emails
  • Fixed: fixed filters using Embedded File Name
  • Fixed: Import IE Favorites now works on all systems
  • Changed: added three new state icons (The Bat, AskSam, LotusNotes)
  • Changed: added progress indicator for Replace Text
  • Changed: location of Plugins and Dictionaries is now <drive:>\Application Data\Milenix\MyInfo\4
  • Changed: tags now cannot have duplicates
  • Changed: traybar icon is now not visible by default for Windows 7 and higher

If you already own MyInfo 6.x, the upgrade to version 6.10 is free – you will receive update instructions on your email.
If you haven’t bought MyInfo yet, the newest version gives you good reasons to do so. Why not download the trial version right now?

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