Apr 12

Small update (MyInfo 6.07)

This is an enhancement release, which improves some important features such as undo, working with topics on the network, and HTML paste. It also fixes a couple of problems found in the previous version. We strongly recommend upgrading to this version.

Here is what was changed in this release:

  • Improved: Word Count now shows statistics for the current text selection too
  • Improved: pasting clones is now much faster
  • Improved: undoing delete operation is now much faster, if large number of documents were deleted
  • Improved: you can now undo Cut Documents operations
  • Improved: you can now undo all text editor table-related operations
  • Improved: you can now specify editor default tabulator width
  • Improved: Auto Save will be executed only if the user is not currently performing actions such as using the mouse or typing with the keyboard in MyInfo
  • Improved: MyInfo is now more robust when working with files on a unstable network
  • Improved: Reminder window is now resizable
  • Fixed: MyInfo no longer freezes if an unexpected error occurs when loading or saving topic
  • Fixed: a problem where MyInfo shortcut in Windows Startup folder was not correct
  • Fixed: better handling of Printer Properties dialog settings
  • Fixed: web site export now obeys Show State Images and Show Document Images options for the exported topic
  • Fixed: wiki linking auto complete now always shows current list of documents
  • Fixed: level related criteria now work in filter view
  • Fixed: a problem with display of document levels
  • Fixed: a problem where some images were not imported from HTML web pages
  • Fixed: a problem where document text was not remembered, if document was empty and HTML content was pasted
  • Fixed: a problem where Word Count didn’t count the currently selected document in all documents statistics
  • Fixed: an issue with Undo when editing document title
  • Fixed: in the text editor, when you edit a hyperlink by changing the display name, it didn’t delete the old display name
  • Fixed: there was a problem with importing date/time from third-party plugins
  • Fixed: Import Folder now reads properly images and stylsheets in HTML files
  • Fixed: document caption on top of the text editor is now always up-to-date
  • Fixed: a problem where files could not be loaded due to MyInfo temp folder being deleted by third-party scripts and cleaner applications
  • Fixed: MyInfo now does not move the document to its start when clicking on a highlighted text in search mode
  • Fixed: a problem when trying to copy empty OLE object in text editor
  • Fixed: Rename Topic now works properly with files outside My Topics folder
  • Fixed: Send To MyInfo (Attachment) now works properly with local HTML files
  • Fixed: it was not possible to add favorite document if text editor was active
  • Changed: updated spelling library
  • Changed: added Export menu command in topic tab context menu

If you already own MyInfo 6.x, the upgrade to version 6.07 is free – you will receive update instructions on your email.
If you haven’t bought MyInfo yet, the newest version gives you good reasons to do so. Why not download the trial version right now?

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