May 09

MyInfo licensing

Our customers and people interested in purchasing MyInfo often ask us on how many computers they can install their copy of MyInfo.

Single user, unlimited PCs

Currently, you can install MyInfo on any number of computers, as long as they are owned and used by the same person (i.e. the licensee). Each additional license you own, allows one more person to install and use MyInfo in the same way. This terms are very good for people, who want to use MyInfo on their home PC, on their laptop and on their work PC.

Single PC, unlimited users

Beginning from the next release of MyInfo, we are going to add another option to MyInfo license. When using this license option, you can install MyInfo only on one workstation, but any number of people, using this workstation, can use MyInfo on it. This option is suitable for example for family members that share the same computer and want to use MyInfo on it.

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May 09

Small update (MyInfo 4.25)

The latest MyInfo release includes a couple of enchantments and fixes some problems we’ve found in the previous release.

Here is what was changed in this release:

  • Added: Rename Topic command
  • Improved: you can now set the first line indent in Paragraph dialog
  • Improved: you can now specify multiple lines as line spacing in Paragraph dialog
  • Improved: added week numbers to the calendar
  • Fixed: added Ms Word text import on Import Folder and Files
  • Fixed: some tag-related problems
  • Fixed: problem with Save As Page function when topics are open
  • Fixed: you can now use is empty/is not empty conditions on <Text> and <Any Text>  attributes
  • Fixed: some remove formatting problems
  • Fixed: the Unable to Convert Graphic error message that sometimes appeared when importing Ms Word documents
  • Fixed: you can now edit comment even when comment preview is not visible
  • Fixed: indexing now works with non-western characters too
  • Fixed: small bug in Enter/Ctrl+Enter shortcuts for creating documents
  • Fixed: problem with importing of currency from CSV file
  • Fixed: several problems in the Attributes dialog
  • Fixed: you can now deselect auto-mapped columns in CSV import
  • Fixed: you can now filter on category column
  • Changed: you can now edit text in search mode by only clicking on it, or by pressing F2

If you already own MyInfo 4.x, the upgrade to version 4.25 is free – you will receive update instructions on your email.
If you haven’t bought MyInfo yet, the newest version gives you good reasons to do so. Why not download the trial version right now?

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