Jul 07

Last private beta of MyInfo 4

We have just released the last private beta version (limited to current MyInfo customers only) of MyInfo 4. It includes all new features, which will be available in the new edition of MyInfo. We will cover the new features in this private beta on this blog.

The next beta version of MyInfo 4 (and probably the last before the official release of MyInfo 4)  will be available August and will be free for everybody to download. We expect to ship the final version of MyInfo late August/beginning of September, 2007.

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Jul 07

Improved Send to MyInfo for Firefox

Send to MyInfo is a handy plugin for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox that speeds up collecting of information from the Web. However, the Firefox version has one significant limitation – it sends only plain text (no text formatting, no images).

Not anymore! We have just released a new version of Send To MyInfo for Firefox, which works exactly like the Internet Explorer plugin: preserving all text formatting and images.

The improved version was originally planned as a MyInfo 4 add-on only, however we have managed to make it work with both versions (3 & 4). This means that you can install it even if you are not a beta tester of MyInfo 4.

Firefox should automatically inform you that there is a new version of the add-on and offer you to update the version installed on your computer. If, for some reason, this fails, you can find the updated add-on in the MyInfo Plugins section on our web site.

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Jul 07

MyInfo 4 preview: USB drives compatibility

Although MyInfo 3 could be installed on a USB flash drive, it works far from perfect. It could not store user settings back to the flash drive and in general it is not designed for such a purpose.

In MyInfo 4, we have paid a special attention to the ability of the application to run on a USB drive. Now, all user settings are stored back on the USB drive. Even little things as your personal spelling dictionary are remembered between the different host computers. There will be separate install package of MyInfo, especially designed for portable installation.

The pros of using MyInfo (or any other application) on a thumb drive is that you can always have your favorite application and all your data with you. In addition, the backup of such installation is extremely easy, because all files that you have to backup are stored in a single computer folder.

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Jul 07

MyInfo 4 private beta test sign-up

We are happy to announce that the first beta version of MyInfo 4 will soon be available for test. This is a private beta and as always, only customers of MyInfo 3 will be allowed to take part in the beta testing.

If you are a registered user of MyInfo 3 and would like to beta test MyInfo 4 private release, you need to do the following:

  1. Register user account on our forums, if you already don’t have one. All features and user comments about MyInfo 4 private beta should be posted in the hidden section of our forums.
  2. Send us a mail message at beta@milenix.com with your forums user name, so that we can give you access to the hidden section of the forums.

For all non-customers, please note that later in the summer, there will be public beta version too. Subscribe to our blog to stay informed about it’s release.

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