Apr 07

Use Firefox as internal browser

Update: it does not work with MyInfo 6 or newer, because Mozilla Control is no longer updated and is way behind modern browsers in terms of security and web standards support.

MyInfo internal web browser is a useful feature, which allows you to browse web addresses stored in MyInfo, without leaving the application. By default it uses Microsoft Internet Explorer engine to show web pages.

Many people prefer Mozilla Firefox as their default browser, so since version 3 of MyInfo, we offer an option to use the same engine that Firefox utilizes to show web pages: Mozilla Gecko.

Because this the distribution of this engine is not supported officially by the Mozilla Development Group, this is an experimental feature of MyInfo. It is not documented in the official help files and we offer no technical support for it.

If you love Firefox however, it is easy to set it up in MyInfo. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Download Mozilla Control Installer from our web site and install it.
  2. If you are not experienced working with Windows Registry, make a backup first.
  3. Run Windows Registry (you can do that by clicking Run command in the Start menu, typing “regedit” and clicking OK).
  4. Go to the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Milenix\MyInfo\3\Options” registry key.
  5. Create a new DWORD Value with name “ShowMozillaOption” and value 1.
  6. Close Windows Registry and restart MyInfo.
  7. On the Tools menu, click Options and go to the Advanced tab.
  8. Check the newly available Use Mozilla As Internal Browser (experimental) option.

Now when you open web document, MyInfo will use the Mozilla Firefox engine instead of the Internet Explorer engine!

Please note that you need to install the Mozilla Control even if you have Firefox installed, because it is a separate software. It does not interfere with your current Firefox installation.

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Apr 07

MyInfo 4 preview: customize keyboard shortcuts

Let’s face it. Not everybody likes the current MyInfo shortcuts. Some people are used to other shortcuts for specific commands (like Shift+Ins for Paste) and others experience conflicts between MyInfo shortcuts and other application hotkeys. Because MyInfo has many commands and we have to assign almost each command a shortcut, some commands end up with really hard to use hotkey combinations.

That will change with MyInfo 4, because you will be able to select your own hotkeys for your favorite commands. There was a big demand for that feature on our forums, so we have heard our customers!

Keyboard Shortcuts dialog

As you can see in the screenshot above, customize shortcuts feature will be intelligent enough to not let you assign the same hotkey to more than one command and if you do not like the customizations you have made to your keyboard shortcuts, you will always be able to reset them back to their default settings.

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Apr 07

MyInfo as recipe organizer

People use MyInfo for a great variety of tasks: information storage, writing, project management, organizing roleplaying campaigns, and more.

Recently, we discovered that MyInfo makes an excellent recipe organizing tool. There are some specialized recipe organizer applications out there, which are better if you need calorie counting and other dieting features.

Otherwise, MyInfo has all what you need in a recipe organizer and offers you the freedom not available in the other tools. You already know how easy to use is MyInfo as information manager. As a recipe organizer it is also so easy and intuitive to use. We have included even cooking templates (for a cookbook and for a recipe) to help you start organizing your recipes right away. You can see a sample cookbook for MyInfo by downloading the Open Source Cookbook in MyInfo format.

If you are looking for recipe organizer, why not see all features that MyInfo offers as a recipe organizer?

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Apr 07

MyInfo 4 preview: customizable icons

MyInfo state icons is a nifty little feature that helps people organize their documents in the tree editor. MyInfo 3 includes a handful of predefined state icons like flags, task icons and emoticons. MyInfo 4 will include over 40 new state icons and we will add probably more after we hear your feedback during the best test.

However, no matter how many new icons we add, there will be always some special cases that require unique icons, which are not available by default. That is why, in MyInfo 4 you will be able to add you own state icons!

To make state icon use more productive, you will be able to customize the state icons context menu and even select keyboard shortcuts for these state icons. This will make assigning state icons to documents faster than ever before!

If you think that MyInfo 3 misses some useful state icons, please tell us in the comments and we may add them in the new version.

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Apr 07

MyInfo 4 preview: spell checking

This was definitely one of your most requested new features for MyInfo. We have decided that MyInfo 4 is the right version for it.

MyInfo 4 will offer you full-featured spell-checking! Along with traditional spell-checking, MyInfo 4 will spell-check as you type (of course, if you don’t want this, you will be able to turn it off in the options).

MyInfo 4 spell-checking menu

As you see, you can words to the dictionary and what you could not see, is that the spell-checker learns from you. Each time you replace a misspelled word, the spell-checker takes a note and make better suggestions when you encounter a new misspelled word.

MyInfo 4 will ship with English dictionary (all variations of it: International, English, U.S., and Canada). We will offer dictionaries for all popular languages on our web site free for you to download.

We will continue with MyInfo 4 preview on Tuesday.

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Apr 07

MyInfo 4 preview

As you maybe already know, we have started the development of MyInfo 4. This new release of MyInfo will offer many new features, but most importantly, we will improve the existing features according to your feedback in our forums. In the next days, we will begin revealing the new features in MyInfo 4. You can see an accurate preview of what’s planned for MyInfo 4 on the MyInfo 4 Roadmap in our forums.

Initially, only the current customers of MyInfo 3.x will be allowed to beta test the new version. We will post details about MyInfo 4 beta test next week.

Tomorrow, we will post an article for the first new feature in MyInfo 4!

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Apr 07

MyInfo 3.60

We are pleased to announce that MyInfo 3.60 is now available! This is primary a bug fixes release.

Here is what was changed in this release:

  • Improved: MyInfo now uses defaut system fonts
  • Fixed: “CalculateMinItemWidthPlus_WithoutPSWidth” problem on paste HTML
  • Fixed: picture paste compatibility with GoldenSectionOrganizer
  • Fixed: a problem with the table “AutoFit to window” command, when used on tables, containing merged cells
  • Fixed: back/next navigation problems
  • Fixed: HTML paste error where MyInfo complains that some text is not a valid integer value
  • Fixed: “Cannot Perform Unicode Operation” error on paste and import
  • Fixed: show tree/editor/both panes commands now work properly with horizontal panes
  • Fixed: AV on search for empty/nonempty document text
  • Fixed: bullets/numbering import problems with ActionOutline
  • Fixed: relative links now are exported properly in HTML documents
  • Fixed: rare AV when MyInfo tries to show tags/comments window
  • Fixed: auto save works only when there is no modal dialog open
  • Fixed: error in search, where the highlighted term remains yellow
  • Changed: increased parent column width in filter documents to 120 pixels
  • Changed: data pane background color will be printed no more

If you already own MyInfo 3.x, the upgrade to version 3.60 is free – you should receive download instructions on your email.

If you haven’t bought MyInfo yet, the newest version gives you good reasons to do so. Why not download the trial version right now?

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